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About the Love Foundation

The Love Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Bangkok and Chiang Mai that campaigns for LGBT equality in Thailand and sexual health awareness.  Through partnerships with community-led clinics and established health organizations in Thailand, our mission is to use the power of online social networks to provide education and counseling on HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).  We support the LGBT community by providing opportunities for leadership and work for aspiring LGBT people in our projects and organization.

Our current work:

Enduring stigma against HIV/STIs act as social barriers to effective prevention and treatmentIn addition to the Bangkok metropolitan area, we reach out to key populations in the north, south, and eastern regions of Thailand by highlighting varying regional attitudes towards HIV prevention and treatment.  Here are highlights of our on-going projects:

Buddy+: An online community for men living with HIV in Thailand to find social community, job opportunities, and mental health counseling.

HIV Map: A country-wide search tool that lists the nearest HIV/STI clinics for individuals located anywhere in Thailand.

Bangkok Appointment Aggregator for HIV/STI Clinics: Allows individuals to directly make appointments online to clinics in Bangkok

Health Ambassadorship Program:  A partnership program for LGBT influencers who wish to help advocate against HIV stigma.

The Speak OUT Campaign: In partnership with HIV specialists and LGBT celebrities, the Love Foundation produces educational media targeting MSM youths 15-21 in Thailand to advocate against HIV stigma and for knowledge on HIV treatment and prevention.

Telemedicine Platform for Community-Based Clinics: As part of the COVID-19 emergency response, the Love Foundation has created a telemedicine platform for health clinics across the country to assist in the provision of HIV care including treatment, prescription and counseling services.

Our mission is the radical reduction of new HIV infections in Thailand because we refuse to accept that HIV transmission is inevitable. Through education, advocacy and direct services for prevention and care, we are tackling HIV in communities most vulnerable.

We envision a Thailand free of HIV discrimination--a country with equal status and rights for all LGBTQI people.




We believe in educating the community about HIV/STIs, and how they are transmitted.  Such education brings awareness regarding prevention and treatment options, lowering the barrier to testing.


When key populations are empowered, they will be able to demand equal treatment.  It will mobilize the LGBTQI family to fight stigma, discrimination and exclusion.


Love is the most powerful force to break stigma.  It inspires support among people and the broader community.  Society must realize that love comes in different forms, and in different identities.

Advisors to the Executive Directors

David Ben Kay

David is a corporate lawyer with over 30 years of experience. He has advised multinational corporations on legal and commercial aspects of investing and doing business in China, and has helped establish over 200 foreign invested enterprises, mostly in the high-tech field. Now as the Chief Legal Counsel at Pundi X, David is pursuing his interest in blockchain technology. Originally from Denver, Colorado, his specialties include Intellectual Property, creativity, and fueling and helping others to actualize their passions.

Kenneth Kwok

Kenneth comes from a background of finance, technology and healthcare. He is the Founder of Global Citizen Capital, an investment fund dedicated towards social entrepreneurship and sustainable development. He is also the Founder of Better Together Foundation, a private charity organization advocating for causes related to human rights, HIV prevention and mental health.

Pinyo Kitlertphiroj

Pinyo was a parliamentary candidate in the Thai House of Representatives for Samut Prakan province running in the 2018 election. Currently he is a parliamentary committee advisor within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He believes in the importance of universal access to healthcare. Access to HIV prevention and treatment medication are underserved, and are among key public health issues he champions.

Committee Advisors

Ben Plumley

Ben is a Graduate of Cambridge University, U.K. Ben brings over 20 years experience with involvement in private and non-profit global health matters. His experience encompasses specialties in key public-private partnerships to strengthen community-driven and human rights-based HIV reduction and prevention strategies. Furthermore, Ben has been active in new product-development and country level program implementation. Ben currently is Manager in Community Partnerships and Public Health, Health & Wellness at Chevron. Previously, Ben was the Director of the Executive Office of UNAIDS and the Founding Executive Director of the Global Business Coalition on HIV & AIDS.

Sean Howell

Sean has extensive IT experience and brings an entrepreneurial flair to our team, besides great technical expertise in security and safety of data and IT applications. Sean operates many global HIV projects, one being Blue Ribbon Boys, an app platform which allows users to become engaged with their sexual health. Also, Sean has been involved in the effort to urge the global community to commemorate December 1st as World HIV Day.

Thomas Cai

Thomas founded a community support group for people with HIV/AIDS in his hometown of Guangzhou, China. In 2007 he joined ‘TREAT Asia’s Asian Community for AIDS treatment. Since its inception, Thomas’s Group, AIDS CARE CHINA, has expanded its core activities from being a shelter service for HIV/AIDS to now providing HIV/Aids care program, counseling and treatment education centers in four Chinese Provinces.

Benjamin Leong

Ben has for many years been providing his expertise in the area of HIV prevention, as a volunteer-consultant to many respected NGOs. He is currently Managing Director, CLJ Strategies. Ben’s extensive experience and dedication to mitigating HIV/AIDS, particularly within the USA, provides the Foundation with a wealth of relevant expertise.

Our Team

Panyaphon Phiphatkhunarnon


Knowledge is the foundation for all progress and change. It would be amazing if we are able to take our collective ability to build productive channels for greater awareness and education in society. Whether it’s in the realm of HIV, AIDS, or sexual diversity — let’s make this world a better place.

Teaka Sowaprux


In terms of public health, being free of discrimination from outside and within the LGBT community begins with having the right knowledge about HIV. I strongly believe that all individuals should know their HIV status, and develop a positive symmetry of acceptance regardless of status. Public discourse and progress in HIV research must go hand-in-hand—I’m proud to be a part of this effort at the Love Foundation.

I want to help provide as many people as possible with correct information about how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. I try to widely disseminate correct information about prevention, detection and treatment. Only when this information is available will those involved be able to correctly assess risks and consider the best way to take care of themselves.

Kojii Nuttida

Program Staff

Sign Nilobon

Program Officer

There are still many people who misunderstand how HIV is spread. I joined this foundation to help correct misunderstandings about the prevention of HIV infection and also to serve as an advisor to those who are HIV+ to help them live fulfilling lives.

Many young Thai people still lack proper judgment when it comes to preventing HIV infection. They don’t consider the consequences of their actions because they lack the basic information to do so. I would like to reverse this dangerous trend among the pleasure-loving youth of today.

I want to create awareness that having the HIV virus doesn’t have to be terrifying. With proper treatment it is possible to live a normal life in society. I want to help everyone find out their status and learn how to take care of themselves.

Cream Chanakan

Program Staff

Champ Thapakron

Program Staff

The Love Foundation campaigns for sexual health awareness and understanding. We believe that everyone is equally valuable and are able to create change in the fight against HIV stigma, regardless of HIV status.

Contact us

Address: 150/4 Moo 1 Nongpakhrang Muang Chiangmai
Emal : team@lovefoundation.or.th

Line : @lovefoundation

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